Sunday, December 30, 2012

Firste Poste

Some of the best advice I ever received about journaling was to start with the present; if you try to start from where you left off, you'll always be behind, and you'll be writing more out of obligation to the narrative than out of genuine, in-the-moment inspiration.

I started blogging today because I like to write, and I want to get better at it. Besides, half of what I learn these days comes from blogs, and anybody should happen to learn anything from this blog, it will be worth it. If not, it will still be worth it, as the cost associated with blogging is nothing but whatever time I want to put into it.

So here's where I'll start:

Today, it snowed pretty heavily here in New Haven. Combine this with the following:
1. We just moved from Florida a few months ago.
2. Our kids are 5 and 6 - just the right ages to enjoy the snow.
3. My wife and I are 36 and 32 - also, apparently, just the right ages to enjoy the snow.
4. We live right next to a hill.

...and we just had one of the best few-hour chunks of our lives.

Someday, all children I will blog about teaching! But for now, our kids are happy, so I'm happy.

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